Jag vill minnas dina minnen



Woven thread sculptures creates, together with shadows and projected images, a room of memories. Threads come together, they meet, they separate. They weave a history.

A glimpse of shattered memories,

a perception of times that were.

Great expectations, dashed hopes,

dreams that never came true,

memories that were left behind

to fall into oblivion.

Bring them back to life, hold them there,

let them not be forgotten.

It all started with an abandoned factory, an astonishing place. There time stood still and stories where being told about the fate of human life and the transience of all. I recollect the place with my memories in order to tell a subjective story, a story about a place to which I am just a short-term visitor. Perhaps to keep it alive. Perhaps to keep forgotten and hidden memories alive. The memories that are not mine, but are such that I could still clearly glimpse them in the periphery of my awareness. To you who will not remember – let me remember your memories.

Wool, flax, acrylic glass, video projection.